Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Wreath Tutorial

This wreath was inspired by some of the non-traditional fall color decorating I've been seeing floating around on Pinterest. I wanted to make a fall wreath that wasn't bright orange or red or yellow.
Here's what I came up:

Things you need:

-Fall artifcial flower or foliage
-18" grapevine wreath
-Wire cutter
-Green craft wire
-Glue gun
-2 1/2" wired burlap ribbon
-Wooden initial

I found the arrangement on sale at Michael's. It was way cheaper than buying all these pieces individually.  The pine cone accents are from Hobby Lobby.

Take your pinecone branches, or whatever foliage you chose to use and trim off the long extra stems, just below where the branches or leaves meet.

Arrange your branches or leaves how you want them- have them covering at least one whole side of your wreath, leaving space on the other side for your initial.

Secure branches to the wreath with crafting wire where the two ends meet.

Use your glue gun to attach any any stray leaves or pinecones to your wreath.

Make a bow with your burlap ribbon. Start by forming a loop, leaving extra ribbon at the end.

Form a second loop on the other side, again, leaving extra ribbon at the end.

Wrap the crafting wire around the spot where your loops meet- to secure them together.

Adjust the burlap wired ribbon until it looks like a bow. 

To cover the wire and for the center "knotted" part of the bow, cut a strip of burlap ribbon. (As you can see I ended up covering this spot of my bow, so you can skip this part if you decide to do that as well).

Fold the sides of the ribbon to create a seam, and secure it with hot glue. 

Loop your ribbon strip around the center of the bow and secure the back with hot glue.


Glue your bow to your wreath where the branches meet. Trim the ribbons of the bow to your desired length, cutting a triangle shape at the end. 

Arrange your flowers/plants. I wasn't planning on covering up my bow but ended up liking how it looked!

Glue your initial on the opposite side of your wreath....and you're done! Hang on your front door and enjoy this wonderful season!